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  • Jente Van Ongeval

    Jente Van Ongeval

    Jente Van Ongeval graduated at the Catholic University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in 2007. Since 2013, he became the practice owner at Tandartsenpraktijk Sterdent. He is a general dentist with an affinity for reconstructive and aesthetic dentistry.

  • Ali Tahmaseb

    Ali Tahmaseb

    Dr Ali Tahmaseb was formed as a dentist. After completing his educaton, he trained intensively te become a well known and respected implantologist. He is professor at the University of Amsterdam (ACTA) and works at a private practice in Antwerp and Sterdent.

  • Ann De Greef

    Ann De Greef

    Ann De Greef graduated as a dentist in 1985 at the Catholic University of Leuven. She was a lecturer at the university’s 'dental assistant' program and has a high affinity for preventive dental treatments. In the Sterdent team she provides dental check-ups and professional dental cleanings.

  • Morgane De Bouw

    Morgane De Bouw

    Morgane De Bouw graduated as a dental hygienist at UCLL Leuven in 2020. Her focus is on preventive dentistry: she provides dental check-ups, professional dental cleanings and gives dental hygiene instructions to all our patients.

  • Our team is completed with a motivated group of 7 dental assistants:

    Ann Portier, Silke Bellon, Tanja Glerum, Rani Geeraerts and Eef Beunckens. They are present during treatments to assist, make appointments, handle phone calls and complete other administrative jobs. They also make sure everything is cleaned and disinfected after every treatment.